The industrial estate Noordersluis is a unique estate

The regular industrial estate Noordersluis is located in the Lelystad-Haven district in Lelystad. The location along the major urban road network and a sea lane near the Markemeer are ideal establishment factors for transport companies, service activities and companies aimed at sailing and recreational shipping. The area was moreover set up in a functional and vast manner and the Zuiveringsweg provides for the main internal accessibility.

The industrial estate Noordersluis has a total surface area of approximately 208 hectares, which consists of 197 hectares of land and 10 hectares of water. Potential expansion of the estate mostly takes place on the outskirts of the estate. 150 households live at the industrial estate Noordersluis.

Unique characteristics
The industrial estate Noordersluis is a unique estate. Compared to other estates there is, on average, less energy consumption, there are more industry and energy businesses, there are more establishments of trade and hospitality businesses and there are more owner-occupied residences. Also because the industrial estate is managed in a special way, various businesses set up here.
The estate has a mixed nature where both light and industrial activities can function well side by side.

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