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Leisure in Lelystad

Lelystad is constantely developing! The recent expansion of Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet, the growth of Lelystad Airport and the establishment of hotels are only examples of the most recent and prospective developments. Following is an overview of some of these inspiring projects. Want to know how you can be a part of these developments? Contact the department of Economic Affairs of the Municipality of Lelystad by sending an email to economicaffairs@lelystad.nl.

Development opportunities for hotels

Hotel industry development: An overview

Lelystad’s tourism strategy is aligned with developments happening in the cooperative Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Participating communities of the region jointly have elaborated a common strategy for the hotel industry. The hotel business offers a wealth of development opportunities: Lots of options exist to further strengthen the attractiveness of this area for business visitors and conference organisers. Hotel accommodations which are structurally aligned with each other both in terms of quantity and quality will reinforce the economic position of the recreational and tourist industry of this region. Goal of this strategy: An economic, tourist and spatial management apt to enable cooperation between accommodation facilities throughout the region. To achieve this, also the community of Lelystad conducted an assessment of especially suitable hotel sites.


The Batavia area

Lelystad’s coastal area is in full development. The Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet currently has about 100 shops, plus several cafés and restaurants. Each year this complex gets 2.2 million visitors. As of 2017, Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet consists of a total of 145 shops and gastronomy facilities. Two museums situated on the same premises, the Batavia shipyard and the Nieuw Land museum (together: Batavialand), tell the story of the Golden Age and the poldering works. Together they account for a total of 180.000 visitors each year.
Part of the Batavia area is one of Lelystad’s five harbours, the Bataviahaven. It is a great harbour with lots of space for recreational yachting as well as cruise ships and traditional sailing ships. Thanks to its location the harbour is very easy to reach both via land and water.

Visitors Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet


The Oostvaardersplassen/Hollandse Hout

The meanwhile famous nature reserve called Oostvaardersplassen or ‘The New Wilderness’ is a protected area where big herds of Konik horses, deer and many other animal and plant species have found their habitat. Hotel development within this nature area is not allowed but there are many opportunities at its fringe. The adjacent forest called ‘Hollandse Hout’ (circa 900 ha / 2223 acres) offers space for small-scale accommodations, possibly in cooperation with other facilities. One example for such a combination would be the recreational area called ‘t Bovenwater, where several tourist and recreational facilities are situated.

Facts & figures – Leisure accommodation (derived from 2013 figures)

  • Spending for leisure accommodation: About 7,5 million Euros;
  • 15 hotel facilities with 336 sleeping places, accounting for a total of 62.000 hotel overnight stays;
  • 2 regular and 1 mini tourist camping sites with a total of 450 pitches among which 95 permanent pitches;
  • 3 bungalow accommodations with 14 sleeping places, accounting for a total of 3.500 overnight stays;
  • 9 marinas with over 2.400 permanent berths and 1.835 berths for visiting yachts.

The airport area (leisure)

As of 2019, Lelystad Airport will have become an airport for holiday and business travellers. Seen the growth of this airport, it is expected to handle several millions of travellers by 2023. Such a big stream of passengers offers countless opportunities.
Adjacent to Lelystad Airport will be the Lelystad Airport Business park, a high quality area offering space for innovation, sustainability and leisure. More information about the opportunities at Lelystad Airport Businesspark is here.

Natuurpark fotograaf- Jasper Pluim-22

Larserplein /Nature park

Near the exit no.10 of the A6, close to the city entrance, an area called Larserplein is located: A convenient site for motorway related businesses and services. Potentials of this site are expected to further increase with the growth of Lelystad Airport and the Lelystad Airport Business Park right next to it. The Larserplein at its Northern and Eastern sides is confined by a nature area called Natuurpark Lelystad (150.000 visitors per year). To the South the industrial area Flevopoort is located. Development of hotel industry fits well to the profile of the Larserplein, too.


Marker Wadden

A group of nature islands called “Marker Wadden” are being created in the Markermeer. Intention is to improve the health of the local ecosystem. The islands are planned to be accessible to both humans and animals starting 2018/2019. The Batavia harbour is situated nearby the Marker Wadden. Therewith, it could become an excellent starting point for a day trip to the islands. A number of other facilities fit perfectly to this feature as well among which leisure accommodations, a visitors centre, look-out towers, beaches, etc.

Lelystad within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


Facts & figures – Tourist hotspots (derived from 2013 figures)

  • Tourist / recreational spending: Ca. 207 million Euros (includes the Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet), accounts 35% for Flevoland;
  • visitors per year for the Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet: About 2.200.000;
  • visitors per year for the aviation theme park Aviodrome: About 100.000;
  • visitors per year for the maritime heritage compound called Batavialand (comprising, among other, the Nieuw Land museum, the Batavia shipyard and the maritime archaeological depot): About 100.000;
  • several medium and large-scale events per year (such as the national oldtimer day, LelySTART, etc.): A total of roughly 135.000 visitors;
  • 3 recreational outdoor & nature facilities with about 375.000 visitors;
  • 6 water sports facilities, getting about 105.000 visitors;
  • 117 gastronomy facilities accounting for 860.000 specific gastronomy visits;
  • total gastronomy spending: About 50 million Euros.