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Flevokust Haven

Storage and transshipment port


Flevokust is unique. It is located in the centre of the Netherlands; near the railway, A6 and Lelystad airport. Flevokust will be located right at the intersection of two main shipping lines, one leading towards the West and one towards the North respectively. The plan is to build a new transshipment port at the Northern part of Lelystad, outside the dyke. At the same point, inside the dyke, a complementary industrial area will be built ‘along the water’.

Flevokust will feature a storage and transshipment port where containers transported by ships will arrive to be further transported inland by truck or rail. The Engie-Maxima plant is located right next door; a large, power plant focused on providing sustainable energy. A convenient neighbour, capable of supplying large quantities of power to potential businesses at Flevokust. Container Terminal Utrecht will be using the transshipment port and container terminal.

The flow of shipment containers to and from Dutch sea harbours is slated to increase in the upcoming decades, with an increasing amount of transport using the inland waterways to reach its destination. Using the Flevokust, inland ships can travel to and from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Germany. Much focus is currently put on further improving the last two of these connections. The challenge is to use these connections in such a way that the expected flow of transport can be forwarded with speed and ease.

Besides the municipality of Lelystad and the province of Flevoland,  Dutch Rijkswaterstaat and the regional water authority Zuiderzeeland are main cooperation partners. The development of this port is expected to create between 600 and 850 jobs.

Facts & figures

• Approximately 43 hectare available, expendable to 115 hectare
• Many possibilities, both in size and in environmental category
• Construction ready to begin in 2018
• Both sale and ground lease are optional
• Acquisition of at least 1 hectare, large plots available.

360 degrees impression

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