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A place for heavy industry


The industrial area Oostervaart is located near the exit of the A6 motorway. This industrial area has grown concurrently with the development of Lelystad. It is currently being expanded with a section called Oostervaart-Oost. The first two phases of that expansion were completed with the construction of a distinctive building which houses a subsidiary of Topa and material supplier BAM. The second expansion phase is due to create a total of 17 net hectares (42 acres) of additional industrial area.

This industrial area is commonly used for heavy industry which has to comply with strict environmental regulations. With the A6 nearby this is a top location and logical choice for heavy or large-scale industrial plants.

Glass fibre services

Modern glass fibre connectivity is available here, too. Plus an extensive package of additional services like remote back-up and management, remote working, narrow and broad casting, camera surveillance for your company, video conferencing, etc… Standard connection speed here is 2 Mbps, top speed is 100 Mbps.

Facts & figures

  • Location: Locations with direct connection to the A6 and N302
  • Profile: Companies who value a high-profile atmosphere in a representative environment, with easy accessibility.
  • Surface area: Circa 40 hectares (98 acres) gross
  • Lot size: Starts at 5.000 m2
  • Environmental zones: Vary according to location between maximum category 3 and maximum category 5 respectively
  • Plot area: Depending on the required distance to the plot boundary

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