Lelystad Airport Businesspark

centrally in the Netherlands with perfect connections

Lelystad Airport Businesspark 2Lelystad Airport Businesspark

Between the A6 and Amsterdam Lelystad Airport is a special area: Lelystad Airport Businesspark. It is a dynamic place where the focus lies on innovation and sustainability and businesses are given the opportunity to thrive. The park is the starting point to the rest of Europe and the world. Companies literally and figuratively have plenty of space to grow and develop, and Lelystad is a young and progressive city with a down-to-earth approach to the future.

The section called A6 District offers abundant space for setting up (large-scale) logistic and production facilities: large lots with perfect exploitation options characterise this area. Companies like Giant, Verpa-Senco and Medidis are already established here since years. They are visible proof that this is a location for successful business.

The airport area has space for hotels, high quality office space, airport related developments and other commercial facilities. Thanks to the excellent connection to the terminal at Lelystad Airport this is the perfect site for companies active on international scale. For example Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, is set to build a new distribution hub on Lelystad Airport Businesspark.

The plans are ambitious, but they are built on a solid foundation. Lelystad Airport Businesspark was the first to receive BREEAM local development certification as a sustainable work site. Lelystad Airport Businesspark wants to be ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and in creating a living laboratory for new initiatives. This is not an objective in itself, but it helps realise a future-proof work environment that retains and possibly increases the value of the real estate.

Facts & figures

  • About 100 hectares (247 acres) of business area, suitable for logistics and production
  • Green, high quality, SMART and sustainable (BREEAM certified)
  • Thus far already 100 business sites, providing roughly 1700 jobs
  • Free construction lots, sizes ranging from 0,5 to 20 ha (1 to 49 acres)
  • Construction height up to 20 metres / 66 ft (with exemption: Up to 30 metres / 98 ft)
  • Environmental category: 3.2
  • High quality park management
  • Collective surveillance and glass fibre
  • Qualified local and regional workforce available
  • Lots can be flexibly distributed
  • Excellent soil condition (lower construction costs)
  • Short permit processes
  • Prices go from €105 per m2


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