City Centre

one of the “key projects” within the MRA

The Stadshart serves as the most important link to the rest of the town, including the Bataviakwartier and Lelystad Airport, partly as a result of the Station. This has made the Stadshart an important hub both within the region, as well as at national and international level. Located in between Amsterdam and Zwolle, Lelystad also represents an important link between Amsterdam, the Randstad and Central and Northern Netherlands.

The Stadshart has been designated as one of the “key projects” within the MRA, partly due to its location. The Stadshart has been selected because of the importance of regional and national housing plans and the impact the project area will have on the environment. This ensures we are not just working on the major need for housing in the area, but also on strengthening the quality of life, affordability and sustainability.

We are working on concrete plans which will contribute to a lively and green Stadshart, together with entrepreneurs, owners, residents and cultural institutions. The contours are now becoming increasingly visible. Contours in relation to shopping, going out, greening and living in the Stadshart.


Living in the Stadshart means living near the shops, restaurants and the station. Good access right in the centre of town. The construction of more than 400 homes is planned for the forthcoming years, for example in Parkwijk and the new Theaterkwartier development. In addition to the new homes, the Theaterkwartier will also include catering and entertainment establishments. The new cinema will be positioned next to the Agora Theatre and will strengthen the entertainment options in the Stadshart. The Agorahof will be undergoing a metamorphosis and will continue to develop into a green and pleasant square, with restaurants, cafés and terraces. This will ensure the Stadshart is increasingly turning into a place to live, meet up with friends, relax, shop and go out in a green, pleasant and welcoming environment.