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Batavia Quarter

Vibrant area with a stunning view

Bataviahaven-2Batavia Quarter

Surrounded by Lelystad’s vibrant coastal area stands an architectural masterpiece: the apartment block of Batavia Haven. It is currently a single apartment building, with room for three more (a total of 2300 m² available space).

Vibrant area

Lelystad’s coastal area is in full development. Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet currently has about 145 stores, plus several cafés and restaurants. Each year this complex gets 2.2 million visitors. The two museums situated on the same premises, the Batavia shipyard and the Nieuw Land museum, tell the story of the Golden Age and the poldering works. Together they draw a total of 180.000 visitors each year.

Part of the Batavia area is one of Lelystad’s five harbours, the Batavia Haven. It is a great harbour with plenty of space for recreational yachting as well as cruise ships and traditional sailing ships. Thanks to its convenient location the harbour is easily reachable via land and water.

With unique architecture in a vibrant location, Batavia Haven’s current apartment block is a real eye-catcher. While its ground floor offers space for cafes and other leisure activities, subsequent floors provide high quality residences. Batavia Haven offers space for three more apartment blocks.


There are three more blocks available in Batavia Haven:

  • 10.573 m2
  • 6.287 m2
  • 5.807 m2

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