Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Together with 31 other communities and the provinces North Holland and Flevoland, Lelystad constitutes the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Thanks to a close cooperation between those stakeholders, an increasingly strong and innovative economy is being built. Same goes for the region’s accessibility and suitable spaces for living, working and recreation. The involved parties together present an exceptionally rich and varied offer in terms of real estate and investment opportunities. Which is why investors from all over the world are taking interest in this region.

Stimulated growth

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area keeps growing. 300.000 households are expected to exist in the region by 2040. Demand for civil construction is expected to rise accordingly; a demand which Amsterdam Metropolitan Area plans to mitigate through several trends and developments. For instance, residential requirements and wishes must be considered together with financial realities. Unnecessary competition must be avoided and a best possible balance must be found between space for industrial mainports and space for residential areas. Role of the region in that context is to facilitate a better accessibility, more sustainability and a better management of the region’s nature and landscapes.


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of Europe’s five strongest economic regions. Aforesaid cooperation between all parties contributes to its strong and growing international competitiveness. The structural distribution of this region’s economy is relatively large: A clear asset. The region has excellent international connectivity thanks to its airports, the seaports and AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. Furthermore, this metropolitan region has a highly educated population which is internationally oriented.

Lelystad in the AMA

Lelystad has several connections to the city centre of Amsterdam. Entrepreneurs quickly feel at home: The pioneer spirit is still alive around here. Investment opportunities abound while Lelystad keeps evolving. Growth is additionally spurred by the construction of new roads, a new airport terminal as well as a brand new logistical and industrial port. All these developments create thousands of new jobs, too which consequently increases demand for residences. That in turn is a chance for real estate agents and investors.

The region: Helicopter view

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