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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

A launch market for Europe

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area(AMA) is comprised of Lelystad, the provinces North Holland and Flevoland, and 31 other municipalities. Through close cooperation, these parties are shaping a stronger, more innovative economy, better accessibility, and enough space to live, work, and create. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area provides a broad selection of real estate and investment opportunities that have already drawn investors from all over the world.

Stimulated growth

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is in a state of constant growth. By 2040, the number of households within the AMA is expected to have grown to 300.000. Demand for civil construction is expected to rise accordingly; a demand which the AMA plans to meet based off of trends and developments. Residential requirements and wishes, financial feasibility, the active avoidance of needless competition, and the optimal balance between space for industrial mainports and residential areas will all be taken into account. The AMA ensures it facilitates improved accessibility, greater sustainability, and better care for the region’s natural landscapes.


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of Europe’s five strongest economic regions. The continued cooperation between its participating parties contributes to maintaining and strengthening its international competitiveness. The structural distribution of the AMA’s economy is relatively large. The AMA has excellent international accessibility thanks to its airports, seaports, and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange(AMS-IX). Furthermore, the metropolitan region is home to a highly educated, internationally oriented population.

Lelystad in the AMA

Lelystad is connected to the city centre of Amsterdam by road, rail, and sky. Still host to the pioneering spirit that gave it life, entrepreneurs are sure to feel at home in Lelystad. Investment opportunities abound as the city continues to evolve. The constructions of new roads, further development to Lelystad Airport, and a brand new logistical and industrial port all spur additional growth. All of these developments are creating thousands of new jobs, and as a consequence, housing demand is on the rise. A real opportunity for real estate agents and investors.

The region: Helicopter view

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