About Lelystad

City of opportunities

About Lelystad

Lelystad is connected by road, water and rail to the heart of Amsterdam. Entrepeneurs feel at home with the ‘pioneering’ business-spirit here. Lelystad offers a brand new international airport, state of the art and innovative business parks and attractive and affordable homes. All in a green and blue environment. Did you know that this region actually has a real wild life nature park?

City of opportunities

Lelystad is one of the youngest Dutch cities and one of the fastest transforming parts of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Lelystad is known as a surprising city where great hospitality and the notion of both mental and physical space are highly valued. In terms of physical space, Lelystad is one of the biggest municipalities in The Netherlands. Which translates into a practically infinite number of opportunities for business growth. Add to this a special mental flexibility, result of the pioneer history of that young city: Lelystad is very open to ambitious and innovative plans. Centrally situated within the country and with excellent connections by road, water, air and rail Lelystad offers the perfect set of conditions for successful business operations.

Transforming area

Not afraid of unconventional demands this area is home to an extraordinary nature park: the Oostvaardersplassen is known as the Serengeti behind the dykes. Innovation comes in many different shapes, in the same area you’ll find the first and largest outlet centre’s in the Netherlands with up to 3 million visitor per year (Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet), the second airport in the Netherlands (in time) and the producer of one of the fastest cars in the world (Donkervoort). Lelystad has a 21 km coastline and the largest amount of marinas in the Netherlands.

Altogether, Lelystad offers a variety of interesting and profitable projects for open-minded investors who seek opportunities. Both property value and rental income are expected to rise in the coming decades – particularly at the airport area and marina area. In short: visit this rapidly transforming area and be a part of one of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s most interesting developments.

Lelystad Airport

One of the fast growing area’s in Lelystad is Lelystad Airport. The international Schiphol Group, the Dutch Government and local governments invest over 200 million euro in the next 5 years in Lelystad Airport. With new roads, a new airport terminal, a new logistical and industrial harbor, improved railroads, all state of the art, sustainable and brand new.

The investments will lead to thousands of new jobs and therefore the demand for new and affordable housing projects will grow. A good opportunity for property developers and investors.

Next door, Lelystad Airport Businesspark offers entrepreneurs a truly smart and sustainable soil to build on. It’s not surprising that large firms like ABB, Eneco, Applus Idiada and also universities already are a part of this development. For more informatie about Lelystad Airport Businesspark, take a look at this page.

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